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Educational Attainment


Educational Level

School Year
Elementary at Alegria Central Elementary School  
Grade 1 1988-1989
Grade 2 1989-1990
Grade 3 1990-1991
Grade 4 1991-1992
Grade 5 1992-1993
Grade 6 1993-1994
Secondary at Alegria National High School  
1st Year 1994-1995
2nd Year 1995-1996
3rd Year 1996-1997
4th Year 1997-1998
College at Mindanao State University – Marawi  
1st Year 1998-1999
2nd Year 1999-2000
3rd Year 2000-2001
4th Year 2001-2002

Website Links THE PLACES WE BELONG Republic of the PhilippinesProvince of Surigao del Norte Municipality of AlegriaBarangay Don Julio Ouano

SCHOOLS WE ATTENDED Alegria National High School-1Alegria Central Elementary School Alegria National High School-2Global Competency-Based Training Center Mindanao State UniversityBukidnon State University

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