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Educational Attainment

Educational Level

School Year
Elementary at Alegria Central Elementary School  
Grade 1 1988-1989
Grade 2 1989-1990
Grade 3 1990-1991
Grade 4 1991-1992
Grade 5 1992-1993
Grade 6 1993-1994
Secondary at Alegria National High School  
1st Year 1994-1995
2nd Year 1995-1996
3rd Year 1996-1997
4th Year 1997-1998
College at Mindanao State University – Marawi  
1st Year 1998-1999
2nd Year 1999-2000
3rd Year 2000-2001
4th Year 2001-2002
Feast of TabernacleOctober 4th, 2017
11 days to go.

Website Links THE PLACES WE BELONG Republic of the PhilippinesProvince of Surigao del Norte Municipality of AlegriaBarangay Don Julio Ouano

SCHOOLS WE ATTENDED Alegria National High School-1Alegria Central Elementary School Alegria National High School-2Global Competency-Based Training Center Mindanao State UniversityBukidnon State University

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