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ANHS Alumni Association to Conduct Alumni Gathering every May

Poll Survey to all Alegria National High School (ANHS) Alumni. <<<<——Θ


Direction: At the poll survey, select the button  (every month of May or every month of December) and click VOTE


ANHS Alumni Association President Luniza P. GarridoThere was a report that the Alumni Officials are planning to conduct the annual alumni gathering every month of May.Accordingly, such plan was already discussed by the Alumni Officers and Board in the past few months ago. The reason for such plan was to make the annual alumni reunion more jolly and memorable event.

In a colloquial conversation sometimes in July 2008 with Ms. Luniza P. Garrido, the Alumni President and currently the Branch Manager of Green Bank of Caraga – Kitcharao Branch, told that the annual alumni grand reunion and homecoming might be held every month of May to highlight the occasion as part of the town fiesta. Every May 15 is the annual town fiesta of the Municipality of Alegria. President Garrido said that it will be a joyful festivity if the alumni gathering will be part of the annual town fiesta. She further said that the Alumni might sponsor activities for the town fiesta such as hosting and sponsoring the Balik-Bayan Nights or other program activities. She added that the month of May is favorable for members of alumni especially those who are working abroad and from other places to visit the school and hometown since it is the annual town fiesta.

President Garrido believed that it is jollier occasion if we conduct the annual alumni reunion every month of May thanANHS Alumni Association Vice President Bebot Zamora December since only few alumni especially those who working in far places to join and participate the activity on December.

However, the proposed plan to conduct the annual alumni gathering every month of May is contrary to what have had agreed during its 1st ANHS Grand Alumni Homecoming last December 29, 2007by the alumni general assembly that the yearly alumni grand reunion will be held every month of December.

As per discussion, the officers of ANHS Batch 98 said that the proposed changing of schedule is alright for as long as the general assembly is properly well-informed as to whatever the plans or decision. They added that both the month of May and December are favorable for most of the alumni members. Nevertheless, the Alumni Officers and Board shall also consider that not all alumni members are Alegriahanons who can have ample time and reason to visit Alegria and ANHS during May because it is annual town fiesta. The ANHS ANHS Alumni Secretary for Internal Affairs Teacher Lilibeth DescartinBatch ’98 Officers further explained that some alumni members are came from Kitcharao and its barangays (e.g. Poblacion, Mahayahay, San Roque, etc.) and from other places who might have no plan nor have time and reason to visit Alegria and ANHS on May vacation. But some might have more time and reason for Christmas vacation instead. The Batch ’98 officers suggested that such proposed rescheduling or changing of the schedule must be presented first to Alumni General Assembly and/or properly informed the Alumni about the plan and decision.

Meanwhile, the ANHS Alumni Association has not yet officially informs the alumni members as to the proposed changing of annual alumni gathering neither has plan to conduct the alumni gathering by December this year.






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  1. ENGR. MOCA says:

    you have to present your plan to the Alumni assembly for approval,because others believe
    that December is best than May.

  2. Website Administrator says:

    Hopefully the proposed plan will be presented or formally announced by the Alumni Officers. Meantime, we’ll wait that announcement. Thanks for your comment.

  3. mrs geline murko says:

    I agree to some that May shall be the month to chose as most people who work abroad prepared to have their Christmas time with their family so May is a good choice as May also has a good weather to considered such an event. I wish that it would be May so i would be able to attend one day. I vote for Mayyyyyy yehayyyyyyyy

  4. elmer natad says:

    i think May is the best month to gather anhs graduates ‘cuz vacation time is much longer than in December.. see you all guys!

  5. randy coronel says:

    helllo guys,hi to all alumni of anhs.. ive heard that the 2nd grand alumni was very successful.. congrats guys.. more power!!

  6. Angel Ng says:


    I notice the annual alumni gathering and i wonder if you all will be interested in getting free spa vouchers sponsored for the events? For lucky draw perhaps. Do contact me for further information.



  7. Hi, great site an all. Cheers for taking the time and effort to write such interesting stuff. Keep it up!

  8. rey cayamay says:

    impressive john! great job on giving your time and efforts in carrying out this blog. please don’t get tired of putting more updates.

  9. neneodog says:

    Hello Guys: A very impressive move.thumbs up ako dito! yeah its always good to be with our allumni’s from time to time.for me month of May is a better choice,good weather,fiesta and long vacation.miss you guys.!


  10. jemboy weni says:

    i love ma’am Descartin……..

  11. Toto Zamora says:

    Dear kababayan sa Alegria,

    I just want to introduce some thought that might provoke your reasoning mind.How about that the reunion will be held in the month of August or July or during Foundation day celebration. It sounds peculiar bec most of you are thinking of the summer and christmas vacation times ideal for this big event.Two reasons in my mind. One, is, if it will be done in the schooltime it would be inspiring and encouraging for the present students to see and witness the pouring of the visitors, balikbayan, and succesful (and-not-so-sucessful) alumni in general. Not as a part of fiesta extravaganza in May nor in X’mas holidays which is for only for the family.Interactions between students and alumni is also a positive aspect of building hopes and dreams of the young ones to succeed.The presence alone of the long lost sons and daughters of Alegria in that campus will not only bring delight and joy but also build confidence and solidarity among the youth and the Alumni Association. Two, is, most schools throughout Phils. alumni homecomings are done coencide, part and partial to their foundation day (or week) celbration. Should be in schooltime as part of their major school activities. Leadership training is very much in actual motion here among the youths bec they are previledge to give asssistance and integrate with the Alumni Assoc. Thanks guys for this website. I really miss you all, my beloved Alegria.

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