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Importance of People in Development



The people are significant donor in the development works since every people have unique talent, skills and abilities that are useful for development. The people are important in the nation’s development as people create wealth and in fact it is the wealth of the nation. The population of people of a large size may impart power of state too. A country with a population sizable enough to take care of the farming, industrial production, transportation, communication and other critical activities is ended a power worthy of respect. The more people the country has, the greater its potential power because there are more people to work, more women to bear children and more men for the armed forces.

Most countries recognize that their people are important resources and follow policies to enhance their physical attributes and educational opportunities. As a result, their citizens can make greater contributions to the security, wealth and development of their country. Thus, engineers for instance have useful abilities on engineering works. Medical doctors are specialized in health development. Lawyers and politicians have skills in public service and government administration and policy making. Church people or religious citizens and teachers have ability to provide moral guidance and character building development. Scientist can conceive inventions that help development of machines and productions of foods. Soldiers are there to protect and serve the nation for peace and security. The importance of manager in an organization is to make important decision and manage staff and develop them. Some strong personalities have most of their energies focused on a certain plane making him/her a leader. Leaders have a very potent aura extending to a large area exercising a strong influence upon the masses who come within the periphery of it. Everybody has vital role towards development works.

Children are significant also as they are the inspiration of the parents in visioning and realizing development. With their children, most families are motivated to work for their future as their children is the future leader in the next generation. Someday, they become more powerful and energetic to achieve the real and sustainable development.

The family is the basic form of government. Thus, it is also the basic instrument for development. The Philippine Constitution recognizes the family as the foundation of the nation.

Family is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. The quality of upbringing in the family defines children, and the family environment became a part of child identity. It is essential to ingrain the importance of family into children. Friends will come and go, but family is the one constant they will have in life. Thus a family has significant role in fostering the bond between siblings, as well as between each parent and child. Good family upbringings have a future investment of their children who will lead in the next generations. This ensures that families with good upbringing contribute significantly in development works.

Volunteer is significant in development works. Yet, volunteers are the lifeblood of some local ministries and organizations. A volunteer is someone who freely gives time, effort and capacity to others, expecting nothing in return. Volunteers have an open mind, willing to embrace wisdom learned from others and also let the experience of volunteering lead to personal inner growth. Volunteers realize the importance of time and kindness. This is the most significant contribution of volunteers in community development.

People are the important human resource in the country and organizational development. All business has three major resources: capital, physical, and human. People as human resources cannot be acquired and utilized since they are the one who significantly acquire and utilize the resources and manage it. It is through people that these resources be developed and be utilized. However, human factor is responsible for the success and failure in any organization because people are the significant input and output in an organization. Even if an organization starts with zero funding but with innovative, resourceful, hardworking and honest people, it becomes financially viable. There is no better or successful organization without the existence of people.

Companies in global competitors’ countries have been forced to develop their competitive edge primarily through the human resource. The human resource is the only one that competitors cannot copy, the only one that can produce output whose value is greater than the sum of its parts. In short, human resource is the only resource that can synergize or work together or cooperate advantageously for a final outcome. The human resource is significant since its combined forces/efforts called ‘teamwork” can bring positive effects to the production of and delivery of services of the organization/business.

Peter Drucker, a renowned management writer, once described the human resource as the only resource which can have an output greater than the sum of its parts. The capital (i.e. money) and physical (i.e. infrastructure, machine) are fix resources and are significant only when it can be utilized with the combined manpower (human resources). However, human resources can stand alone and by putting human resource altogether is greater than the sum of their effects individually. In human resource, the working together of two or more people in organizations/business will result greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities. Hence, people as human resource are the only resource which can have an output greater than the sum of its parts. This is the essence of people as human resources in the development works.

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