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754 Dapa “bayani” to tap for Kalahi project implementation


By: Johny S. Natad
25 November 2014

Dapa, Surigao del Norte – Another 754 individual community volunteers (CVs) are selected by 29 communities of this municipality to handle the implementation of the priority sub-projects to be funded by Kalahi-CIDSS-NCDDP.

During the second barangay consultations for the Kalahi on November 19-24, 2014, communities successfully elected some 26 individuals per barangays as additional CVs. Composed of a chairperson and 2 members each of the eight teams and committees, they elected individuals for the Barangay Sub-Project Management Committees (BSPMC), Bids and Awards Committees (BAC), Project Implementation Teams (PIT), Procurement Teams (PT), Audit and Inventory Teams (AIT), Monitoring and Inspection Teams (MIT), Operations and Maintenance Teams (O&MT), and Community Monitoring Teams (CMT).

Poblacion 13 residents

Residents of Poblacion 13 during the 2nd Barangay Assembly actively vote for the Kalahi-CIDDS community volunteers. Photo by Nelmar Gomez

Meanwhile, the Barangay Bookkeepers are automatically elected by the general assembly as the Kalahi CV bookkeeper and selected one assistant bookkeeper. The barangays who have no bookkeepers elected two bookkeepers per barangays.

Last September during the first barangay assemblies, the communities also elected some 348 individuals for the project proposal preparation and development that comprised of the Barangay Representation Teams (BRT), Project Preparation Teams (PPT), Grievance Redress System (GRS) and the barangay secretaries from 29 barangays.

Community Empowerment Facilitator (CEF) team leader Jerry Jay Galan of ACT Dapa bared that it is difficult at first for some people in the communities to be invited as part of the CVs due to worry of their ability and time of participation. “Some people don’t want to volunteer since they said they are busy while others have hesitation of their ability to do the voluntary work. But I explained them that to be part of the community development is very interesting and we need more hands to do the meaningful acts of changes. The Kalahi will help you train and empower to become more productive and useful in the doing this significant works. We can do it when we put our hands together,” he said.

As community-driven development approach, the active participation and involvements of the CVs are very indispensable in the successful, efficient and effective Kalahi-CIDSS project implementation. These CVs will be the one to manage the approved KC projects in their barangays or cluster of barangays. For the first cycle or year 1 of implementation in Dapa, the approved sub-projects to be implemented and managed by the CVs are day care center, school building, road concreting, sea walls, sea wharfs, water supply level II, and drainage canal.

These CVs are highly considered the Bayani of the KC-NCDDP who put the community or “bayan” first before self or “I”. They are elected by the general assembly of the barangay who have the credibility and integrity to lead in the project implementation. They understand that their services for the community is free, not expecting salary or monetary compensation. ₪


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