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DENR identifies CanCarMadCarlan as ‘model area’


Tandag City, Surigao del Sur (28 November 2016). The DENR identified CanCarMadCarlan, a cluster municipalities in Surigao del Sur as one of the twenty-nine (29) priority areas in the country to be transformed into an income generation sites and make those identified areas self-sustaining in a well-protected environment through the agency’s Area Management Program.

CarCanMadCarLan stands for the five interconnected municipalities located in the northern part of the Province of Surigao del Sur composed of the municipalities of Carrascal, Cantilan, Madrid, Carmen, and Lanuza.

This cluster area plays a significant role in the lives of Surigaonons since marine resources along the marine and aquatic ecosystem are the primary source of food and income of the local people. It also attracts local and foreign tourists due to the presence of beautiful natural ecosystems like several caves, waterfalls, beaches and islands. These natural beauty are being managed and developed for economic and tourism development.

These municipalities connected across five watersheds proclaimed on March 23, 2009 as watershed forest reserve which are the Alamio, Buyaan, Carac-an, Panikian, and Sipangpang that drain to the Lanuza Bay. These areas are also part of the proposed expansion of the Mt. Hilong-hilong Range Protected Landscape wherein the presence of mancono (Xanthostemonverdugonianus) and insect bat (Hipposideroscoronatus) found endemic in the area.

“The DENR will consider the proposed projects as result of the series of multi-stakeholders consultation-workshop in CanCarMadCarlan last November 16-18, 2016,” said PENRO Surigao Sur Planning Officer III Glendel Adlawon adding that the projects will be implemented in partnership with other government agencies who have the expertise and needed support. The project is expected to facilitate promotion of both environmental and economic condition of CanCarMadCarlan.


Consultation for Area Management Program. OIC PENR Officer Jose Flavio V. Concha encourages the multi-stakeholders participation during the Pre-Planning Workshop on the Formulation of Area Management Plan of Cantilan, Surigao del Sur November 16, 2016. Cantilan is one of the CanCarMadCarlan area identified by DENR to be transformed into an income generation site and self-sustaining environment. (Photo by Forest Ranger Allan P. Ferraz / PENRO-SDS)

The DENR under the leadership of Secretary Gina Lopez directed environmental offices to promote the agency’s developmental program in pursuing convergence among National Government Agencies and other relevant stakeholders through the Sustainable Development Framework to address poverty and to deliver social justice to marginalized communities throughout the country dubbed as “model communities”. (JSN / PENRO-SDS).


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